Deepin is BEST with Ubuntu 21.04!

I do now have Deepin UbuntuDDE wth Ubuntu 21.04 .

I had to do this the HARD way ha

I had UbuntuDDE 20.04. I had tried to upgrade to UbuntuDDE 20.10 …BUT …after the upgrade and reboot. The desktop environment became Ubuntu with KDE and parts of Deepin…SO WEIRD …SO WEIRD ha …

…so …I just reinstalled Gnome desktop. Remove KDE. Removed Plasma.

and THEN … I had reinstalled the Deepin environment. The login is regular Ubuntu…but …it’s OKAY…I have it on Deepin.

It’s funny that the boot image is Deepin after I had removed the old verison. It’s all good.

I have added an image of my desktop with UbuntuDDE 21.04.

It’s the BEST version …so far !