Fixed : Can not install UbuntuDDE on Lenovo Thinkpad

I am new to Linux and have a Thinkpad that came with Ubuntu installed. I have been running UbuntuDDE using VirtualBox and really like it. The problem is it will not install directly on my Thinkpad. The reason it will not install is that there is a recovery partition on my SSD which is a live boot partition. When I attempted to install UbuntuDDE it used the Casper folder on the SSD partition rather than the one on the install media (USB) and wiped out my Ubuntu installation. I looked at the install media for Ubuntu which works fine vs the install media for UbuntuDDE and the Casper folder is handled differently (grub.cfg). I suspect this should be fixed. I use clonezilla but rescuezilla which is also a live boot has the same problem in that it attempts to use the Casper folder on my SSD. Since the installation media for Ubuntu works correctly I believe UbuntuDDE should be fixed. I was lucky in that I always take an image of my system with clonezilla before attempting a new install but some other newbie like me might not be so lucky. The recovery partition on my Thinkpad came preinstalled.

Please disregard my post. This turned out to be a lenovo problem. I would delete this post if I knew how!