Installation disaster from expirience

Its totaly disaster.
In dual boot mode and encryption LUKS2, I need to have created just boot partition mounted in /boot
I dont need Efi partition. Efi partition is made by Windows and its only 100MB.
Second EFI partition is idiotic.
I check and install not UbuntuDDE because its imposible to install with LUKS2 encryption.
I have installed Linux with 2 partition /boot and (root) / which is encrypted with LUKS2. It normaly works on UBUNTU, MX linux, etc.

You Way ask password to unlock Boot Menu. Its idiotic
OS is beatifull but It crash all time.

Please, fix it.

I test 20.04, 21.04 and 21.10
20.04 is most stable but it usually crash 20x per session. 0 extra installation
21.04 its full disaster, i cannot connect to wlan in live mode.
21.10 its worse then 21.04

Have you tried without encryption? I saw something similar when I tried encryption, so I just turned it off. It works. Howver, I did also make another EFI partition as the installer suggests