Login Issues of UbuntuDDE

I have UbuntuDDE 20.10 version. I know that it’s kind of “Buggy” …but …it’s worst now.

I had to turn off the password to login. It won’t let me to login as it goes Black screen on me.

As I have updated to today’s upgrades, to 5.8.0-49 generic . The Deepin file manager is super slow. Even the Deepin terminal is so slow that it takes 20 seconds to appear. So Weird.

Few times, the Deepin dock won’t appear either.

I always update everything, two times per week. So …any way to fix these issues ?

Try upgrading to latest Kernel using this

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Thanks . I have Updated the Linux kernel to 5.12 rc7.

It smooth and everything now.

The login screen is still have that black screen with few seconds.

The Deep File Manager is good now.

The Deepin Terminal opens good now.

It’s just the startup login black screen is the only issue now. I am okay because it’s just few seconds. ha


No Probleme.

I think the login screen issus needs to be fixed by the ubuntudde devs

ha ha

I have decided to went back to UbuntuDDE 20.04 LTS

It’s more stable LOL