Shortcut for moving windows to screen

In gnome, we can move any windows to other screens. And in ubuntudde, I do see such an option on the top menu of some window without shortcut. Also since ubuntudde is not complete deepin, it seems we can not easily set such shortcut. Is there any trick way to do that?

If you mean by moving windows to another workspace, you can easily by dragging the window to another workspace. You can press Shift+Super + arrow key to move window in different workspace :slight_smile:
Hope that solves your issues!

Thanks, but I mean to another monitor in a same workspace.

OK, for monitor I am not sure if there’s a shortcut but, you can try adding a custom shortcut from the control center. But, before that you’ll need to do some hacky stuff.

sudo apt install wmctrl
git clone
sudo mv movescreen/ /usr/local/bin/
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/

Then, set shortcut for the following:

Command to move to left: left
Command to move to right: right

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply. It is only for terminal, right?
In gnome, there is a global shortcut to move windows to other monitors. For dde, I also see this option when I right click on the top bar of the window, however, there is no shortcut.
Maybe at this time, there is no way to add the shortcut for this.

You can set the above commands when adding a custom shortcut in Control Center.

I found this discussion. But all methods below this question don’t work. It seems deepinv20 has changed to deepinkwin.

To what I tested last day in UbuntuDDE Remix 20.10, it worked fine! :slight_smile: So, it should work fine for 20.10. And yes, it uses Deepin’s fork of Kwin.

Thanks! It works. I made some mistake when setting shortcuts last time.

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Hello worked for me thanks

after i did this steps. and adding shortcuts at settings it worked flawless

thanks :smiley: <3

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