UbuntuDDE works fine from USB, breaks when installed

I am trying to do a clean install of Ubuntudde 21.04. It runs fine from the live USB but after installing I get an error message- “System Program Problem, Do you want to report the problem now”.
No matter if I select Report or Cancel the message dissapears. It appears to be working so I install updates then restart. I get the same error message after restart and same results when I select Report or Cancel (error message dissapears). It still appears to be working untill I go to setup my displays. The settings window locks up and there is no way to shutdown or restart except via terminal or hold the power button. If I delay too long then terminal doesn’t work either. If I don’t open settings it appears to run correctly with my displays duplicated.

Downloaded iso again from different mirror with same results.

Not dual booting, old Dell optiplex with SSD and 8GB ram. Any other distros tried or Windows 10 work fine. Have tried most of the suggested fixes I can find with no success. I would like to use this distro so any help would be appreciated.
I just installed DDE again but this time on an external HDD connected to a USB port. I am dual booting with Linux Mint on the internal SSD. Got the same error messages but DDE is working just fine on the external HDD. I can open settings and set my screen preferences without any problems.
Wish I knew why.