Upgrading from 20.10 to 21.04

Simple question. Can I upgrade my current OS – ubuntudde remix 20.10 – to 21,04 without deleting the my documents, etc. from my HD? Cannot seem to find an answer on the ubuntudde website which focuses solely on an initial install via flashdrive or CD. Thanks for your help.

Yes, you can.

I had done this a week ago with no issues to upgrade towards UbuntuDDE 21.04

. however, I have chosen to reinstall UbuntuDDE 20.04 LTS.

It is best to stay with stable version by Canonical Livepatch Service.

Yes simply use

sudo do-release-upgrade -d

I have an old laptop that I had just done a fresh install of 20.10 on so I tried this. Didn’t work very well for me. After the multi-hour download/update it hung on the loading screen. It kept starting/stopping the deepin-anything-monitor.

I didn’t bother to debug it further. Instead I did a complete clean install of 21.04. A couple of issues so far:

  • On boot it prompted me to upgrade more packages so I did.
  • No dock at all, only way I could get a menu up was to hit the Windows key.
  • I tried rebooting it and briefly saw the dock with a black background, then it went away when the Hippo background appeared. I got a System Report problem which I sent in.
  • The window manager didn’t seem to work either.

This feels a little too new for my intended use of this right now. I’m still using 20.10 on my “note taking laptop” at work. I’ll probably take a look at PopOS before ultimately going back to 20.10 on the this laptop.

The upgrade to the Latest release 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo) from any older release is not suggested at the moment as te issue with SHIM hasn’t been fixed yet and crashes may occur during the upgrading process.

When starting the upgrade to 21.04 the ubuntudde-dev/stable is removed, and all dde and deepin stuff gets uninstalled. Guess this is not the expected behavior when performing an upgrade?

Yes, depending on your config and if you haven’t changed how you get updates then the OS should provide you with an update button or you can do what the others have mentioned above.

personally, however, I have just downgraded from 21.04 to 20.10 as I have found 20.10 to be significantly more stable than 21.04.

I tried to upgrade with the ‘Upgrade’ button but it fails with EFI mount error and reverts. It says my EFI partition is not properly mounted. I have a Nvme ssd on this laptop and have been unable to edit the mount options on the EFI. Any helpful suggestions?